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Philmblog Begins

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

Hello. Bonjour. Howdy. Ahoy!

It’s definitely ahoy.

Yes, anyway, welcome to Philm! A brand new blog asking the ‘whys of cinema’. Philm has one goal: to philosophise over everything and anything you are likely to view with a huge carton of popcorn in one hand and a tankard of your favourite thirst-quencher in the other.

Created and written by Matthew East, Philm has been on the cards for some time. Since studying Philosophy for his undergrad degree, Matt has wanted to ask loads of questions without being able to answer them on some kind of public forum. Mixing his philosophy wonderment with the knowledge from his MA in Screenwriting, Matt thought it about time he take the plunge and combine his two loves: cinema and thinking.

And thus, Philm was born.

A new leaf begins its life
Philosophy of Film | It Begins

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